Suitable for Wet or Dry Applications

For Hospitality, Medical, Education, Multi-Residential, Office, Community & Retail

Board Options

Available in:
13mm Compact Laminate
or 18mm or 32mm MR Board

Offsite Manufacture

With options for install
or supply only.

Easy Access
for Maintenance

Better use of floor space,
no service ducts needed.

IPS Types

> Continuous Wall
> Single Unit Wall
> Half Height IPS
> Bedheads IPS

For Toilets / Showers / Urinals

Continuous IPS Wall

Space saving design, all cisterns and services hidden within IPS wall to integrate seamlessly with Aqualoo Toilet / Shower cubicles and urinals.

Refer to Partition Design Brochures
from our Cubicles & Modesty Panels range.

For Assisted Toilets / Wash Basins

Single Unit / Half Height IPS Wall

Single module can be installed onto a wall or into a stud wall.Variable depth to suit all services.

Off site manufacture, easy install. Suitable for retro-fit and new build – retail, medical, community projects.

For Aged Care / Medical / Hospitality

Bedheads IPS

Panel splits and penetrations to accommodate medical requirements. Houses medical gases, electrical and other services.

Easy access for future maintenance
and services.

Aqualoo Specifications

Our experienced Specification Team provides comprehensive support to designers from project concept to completion. We assist with product customisation, estimate quotations, specification schedule, providing samples for moods boards and CPD presentations.

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Suitable for hospitality, medical, education, multi-residential, office, community and retail

Suitable for both wet and dry areas

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